Stroud Green Library

To explore and study the library and its immediate surroundings. To learn about the people who live, visit and walk past the library space.

Who uses it? Why? When? What makes up this space and its surroundings? What is important to the visitors? How do they use the space? How do they interact? How did they use the library and how will they use the library in the future?

Bigger Picture

I hope some of the answers here reveal something about our relationship with libraries. It might help to explain why some of us love old libraries or new libraries, and why some of us just do not care. And it might scrap the idea that we form an attachment to libraries when we are very young and it forever remains that place we read the first book or that place we once borrowed books. How does it evolve and stay with us? Do we allow it to? Some of us struggle to accept innovation at the local library, especially when the building holds historical significance. Through personal journeys, I hope to learn how and why some of us develop an attachment to libraries but why some of us are happy to move on and walk right past, with a kindle.