Sectioned Off

I’m feeling cold, hate the mornings. Too quiet. But I don’t want to be looked at. I’m going in that corner.

I’m paying my council tax bill, right now, before I get another reminder. No privacy at home and no privacy on these computers either! Squashed in like sardines. What is this?

I’m going to read this book and play when everyone gets here. Tuesday is the best day of the week. I hope mum packed the treat she promised.

I’m re-stacking and re-stacking. I hope I get a moment to read. Is it ever dead in here?

I’m looking for that book Rae said to get. Where is it? B-R-O-O– where’s K-M?

I need help with this pushchair if I’m to get through those doors. Ah. It’s automatic. Great. I’ll just need someone to press that thing.

I’m cold. This library is not that warm today. Two coats and still cold. In a minute I’ll walk around.



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